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Tankwagon Fuel Distribution Software


Tankwagon Fuel Distribution software gives your gasoline, diesel & heating oil customers better service, while providing you increased control of your inventory and Tankwagon operations.

Tankwagon Meter Automation transfers customer pricing and tax data to your delivery trucks and final delivery data to the office, eliminating errors and labor.


Forecasts delivery needs based on degree day, date, day of the week, and past consumption.

Prints/transmit via wireless technology delivery tickets for tanks in forecast range selected for delivery, complete with prices and taxes.

Assigns delivery ticket numbers that correspond to invoice records created for them at the same time.

Accepts entry of gallons delivered to complete the invoicing record.

Displays or prints a daily list of keep-full tanks that need deliveries.

Posts completed ticket invoices to Elliott Accounts Receivable.

Provides six different methods of pricing fuel to customers.

Optionally prints fuel invoices to send to selected customers.

Posts all inventory, sales, and general ledger accounts.

Sends digital data to and from tankwagon for meter automation.

Maintains tank record and delivery history for every customer tank.




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