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CyberMAC Fuel Wholesaling Software


CyberMAC Fuel Wholesaling software makes your wholesaling job easier than you ever thought possible, getting rid of duplicate data entry and errors. From a single entry of data, CyberMAC produces a delivery order, Invoice, PO/manifest, freight voucher, excise tax records; and posts all inventory, sales, and general ledger accounts.


Prints a customer-friendly invoice that shows taxes and freight for each line item, and shows net amount due after prompt-payment discount.

Calculates all invoice taxes line by line and sets up the appropriate tax payable to the supplier or government.

Finds the lowest-price supplier and terminal for a truckload of products.

Assures that you bill for all gallons purchased.

Prints your month-end tax schedules, using Crystal Reports.

Calculates the freight charges on an invoice and creates an accounts payable voucher to the carrier.

Automatically creates a purchase order for each manifest, complete with line item taxes.

Captures DTN prices automatically and adjusts them for supplier differences.

Shows your gross profit for each potential supplier and terminal.

Provides six different methods of pricing fuel to customers




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